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پاور صنعتی کی دی تی مدل KL-VMSPLUS

سایر برتری ها:

  • نرم افزار کاملا توسط تیم نرم افزاری شرکت کاوش داده پردازان طراحی و توسعه داده شده است. هیچ بخش نرم افزار به شرکت ثالثی وابسته نیست.
  • محصول دارای مجوز افتا می باشد.
  • نرم افزار با استفاده از هوشمندسازی های تعبیه شده در استفاده از منابع کاملا بهینه شده
  • تمامی جریان ها در صورت قطع ناگهانی، امکان اتصال مجدد خودکار دارند


  • Perpetual
  • Unlimited
  • Free During Support period
  • Solar / Christian Calender
  • This feature should be
  • supported by camera
  • manufacturer
Licensing type Perpetual
Number of servers per system No Limitation
Maximum Number of users Unlimited
Technical Support /Warranty No Limitation
Version updates Free During Support period
Supported Languages English/ Persian
Supported Calendars Solar / Christian Calender
Operating System Platform (Server and Client) Windows
Microsoft Active Directory Support Available
Management Server Available
Management Application, Management Client Available
Channel Status: Connected/Disconnected, Recording
System Notifications Available
Camera Manager Available
Camera Discovery Available
Object Presence and Activity Level Histogram Display Available
System Configuration Wizard
Map Support: eMaps, Geo-Maps, Visual Indicators, Action Links Available
System Logging Available
Multi Server Integration
Camera Forwarding for Multi Server Integration Available
Multi-Monitor Support: No Limit to Number of Monitors (Hardware
Limitation Only)
Health monitoring dashboard Available
Layout definition Available
Virtual Machine Environment support Available
Action history based on users and/or actions Available
Time profile definition Available
Compression Support including H, H.265, MPEG-4 and MxPEG Available
Video Export function (Entire Start to End Date/Time Selection)
Video group Export Available
Multi Streaming Available
Metadata Support Available
Adaptive streaming Available
Reset Button Available
Adjustable GOP Size (MPEG-4 , H.264 and H.265) Available
Video Motion Detection Available
Hardware acceleration function Available
MultiCast Support Available
Wide range of IP device support Available
Advanced video synchronization Available
Bookmark function: Add: Date/Time, Title, Description Available
Digital Zoom Available
Snapshot function
AAC ,G26 ,Two-way Audio support including G711 Available
Audio synchronization with video Available
Device Support
ONVIF Support Available
Device integration (Vendor›s SDK) Available
Metadata from Camera embeded analytics Available
Group Configuration (of multiple devices simultaneously)
Secure camera connectivity, HTTP/HTTPS (TLS) 1 Available
Widget and on-tile PTZ function Available
Preset position support Available
PTZ patrol function Available
PTZ area zoom function Available
Recording and Playback
Scheduled and continuous recording Available
NAS Support: Network & Remote Storage Available
Playback on timeline with thumbnail view Available
Video playback speed control, regular, slow and fast (up to 127x speed)
Instant playback Available
Edge Recording Available
Video & Frame Rate / Audio / Motion / Data / VCA (Recording Profile: Continuous)
Video Retention Time Available
Recording Profile: Motion (Video & Frame Rate / Audio / Post Recording / Motion Alert)
Main Server Connection Encryption Available
Server/client communication Encryption Available
Encryption: Storage, Archival Recording Available
Secure channel client connectivity Available
Secure channel camera connectivity Available
Alarm Management Available
Advanced Rule engine Available
Video Analytics
Heatmap Function Available
Object detection Available
Object classification based on color, type Available
Video Analysis Features like Virtual Fence, Counting, Loitering ,… Available
Edge and central Video analytics support Available
Centralized user management Available
User Authentication Available
Administration Profile Permissions Support Available
Membership / Resources Assignment Support Available
Permissions: Per Resource Permissions Available
Per Organization / Resource / Component User Permissions Available
PTZ Prioritization Level Available
Recent Archive Interval Permissions Support Available
User Grouping Assignment Available
User Based Settings Manager Available
Time Based user access Available
Secure channel camera connectivity Available
Alarm Management Available
Advanced Rule engine Available

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